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To celebrate Armistice Day on Tuesday 11th November, and prior to holding a 2 minutes silence at 11.00 a.m. in remembrance of all those brave people who gave their lives to protect our country, our year 6 children led a wonderful assembly teaching the children all about this important day. Following this we released 11 white doves which signify peace.

Remembrance from Hawes Side on Vimeo.



The members of our teaching and learning group are attending a learning conference at Farrington Lodge. They are delivering a presentation on our school values.



The children then worked in cross school groups to create a new school and identify its key values. The children worked really well together and came up with wonderful ideas that they presented to the conference. The way they worked together showed our values.






Last Thursday members of our debating team visited Wyre Council Chambers to take part in a debate with several of our partner schools from the Kaizen Network.   Pupils from St Silas in Liverpool, St Thomas in Garstang, Leverhouse in Leyland and Layton in Blackpool took part in a debate to ascertain what is better for learning; books or ipads?   Perhaps you would like to share your opinions and views via this blog post?   The children from all the schools spent the morning at Hawes Side where they worked in the library to decide whether schools should have a compulsory uniform or not.  Again, we would love to hear what you think via this blog post.

Discussing important matters at Wyre Council Chambers

Discussing important matters at Wyre Council Chambers

The children were excited to meet Dan Whiston of ‘Dancing on Ice’ fame who came to speak to them about healthy lifestyles and to promote a family fun run at Stanley Park, on the 28th September, to support the heart foundation. He thoroughly enjoyed meeting the children commenting on how great they were. Staff and their families are taking part in the run and it would be great to see some of our families there too.


Congratulations to all our children who have attended every day this year. Here they are at the party held by BFC to celebrate. Well done to children and families who achieved 100%. 20140708-182322-66202720.jpg 20140708-182322-66202933.jpg 20140708-183739-67059145.jpg 20140708-183739-67059345.jpg 20140708-185907-68347279.jpg20140708-195457-71697726.jpg

Once again our pupils were praised for their excellent behaviour, this time it was on the trip to London, comments from passers by, staff at the hotel and venues all said how good the children were and what a credit to the school and their families they are.

One lady stopped the party and asked what private London school the children were from as they, in her mind, were so impeccable in how they conducted themselves!

We are very proud of our children and their achievements, and maybe we are guilty of not sharing this as often as we should.

Thanks to the children, their families and the staff for helping the next generation of adults be a great one.

Good work!

Once again we had a fiercely contested table tennis championship over the spring term.   The standard increases every year and it was great to see so many budding future table tennis players performing at such a high level.   It was also a delight to witness such outstanding sporting behaviour with competitors supporting each other and applauding others’ success.   Our congratulations go to George  who is champion for 2014  following an excellent round robin final against Adam and Callum.   Well done to all this year’s competitors for putting on such an excellent event.


TT winners

Congratulations to Addison in 2M. He was the lucky winner of the iPad mini raffle drawn today by Shay in RS in front of his teachers, Mr Shepherd and Mark Hope CEO of Comptech ITS the company that kindly donated the iPad mini. Thanks to all that entered the raffle all the proceeds are going to help improve our school library.


One of the most popular activites on World Book Day is the reading session in the afternoon.   All the teachers go to a different class to read the children one of their favourite stories.   I think the staff enjoy this as much as the children!

In the pictures below The Wicked Witch of the East (or is it the West?) Dennis the Menace and Batman read from their favourite books.



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