Monday 22nd June is the start of Hawes Side Art Festival. We are delighted to invite our children, their families and friends to a celebration of creativity in our school which runs from Tuesday to Thursday.

The event can be accessed through the school office entrance on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.30 p.m. – 5.00 p.m. There will be displays, stalls and crafts.

To alleviate possible excessive numbers on any one evening we suggest children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 attend on Tuesday, Years 3 & 4 on Wednesday and Years 5 & 6 on Thursday. However, it is not set in stone and if this is inconvenient please feel free to be flexible.

As part of our festival we will be remembering the stricken children of Nepal. The school council are holding a cake bake and your donations of cakes for us to sell will be gratefully received.

Summer Festival of Art from Hawes Side on Vimeo.


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Kidsmeet Wednesday 24 June 2015 (2 – 4pm) Hawes Side Academy

Key Focus – Global Values & Citizenship

With British values, democracy, rights and responsibilities high on the agenda, we welcome presentations from schools to discuss and demonstrate how they promote Global skills, values and themes in their schools.

 Skills may include – self awareness, empathy, critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, conflict resolution and communication, taking action

Themes may include – identity and belonging, conflict and peace, fairness and equality, sustainability, rights and responsibilities.

 This will be a special Kidsmeet as there will be an opportunity to hear from children from Kenya and Zambia and an opportunity to pose questions to their teachers who will be visiting us for that week.   We also hope to have the British Council in attendance whose key aim is to promote global citizenship between countries and with you.   In addition to other presentations there will be three short videos from children in our partner schools on global interdependence (which will be made during the first reciprocal visits in May 2015) and there will be opportunities for children to quiz the Kenyan/ Zambian teachers on global citizenship.

If you would like to attend with pupils please click the link below to register your interest.

Kidsmeet Hawes Side Academy

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Please click the link to our latest Ofsted report.

Easter Bonnet Parade

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Easter bonnets

It was fantastic to see so many families in school for the Foundation Stage Easter Bonnet Parade yesterday.   The children enjoyed singing a range of Easter songs and showing off their marvellous creations.  We were overwhelmed by the massive turn out and it meant so much to the children.

We were also delighted with the first ‘open classroom’ event.   Apologies for the short notice with this pilot but we were keen to gauge response before planning in more detail. We will now be looking at the possibility of running similar ‘open classroom’ afternoons at the end of each term.   Parents enjoyed visiting classrooms, hearing about their children’s learning and looking at their work.   It gave the children a real sense of pride to share what they had been studying over the term and they were excited to have the opportunity to present this to families at the end of the school day.



As part of our values week we invited in ‘experts’ from our local university to share with them our knowledge of Fair Trade and show how it clearly supports our values as British citizens. 

Fair Trade Workshops from Hawes Side on Vimeo.

What is important to us? Our pupils have been exploring this issue and have come up with six values that help us to to be valuable members of Hawes Side and our British society.

Hawes Side Values from Hawes Side on Vimeo.

This week our Fair trade Action Group have been leading assemblies on the initiative. Understanding of how we can help people around the world by buying Fair Trade goods. The simple message of think before you buy was put across well by the group.

Safer Internet Day

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Our digital leaders shared the video they have made about staying e-safe in our school assembly. They interviewed children and staff in order to make the video. Discussions then followed about the important issue.

Over the day the children have done lots of activities to help increase their awareness of e-safety.


Hawes Side Arts

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As always at Hawes Side, there is a great deal of fantastic artwork being created.   Today Mrs Barnes is taking work to the Grundy Art Gallery to be exhibited and the ‘Seasiders Show’ later this year is another opportunity for us to share some of the children’s work beyond school.   It seems a long time off but on Monday 22nd June we will be holding an opening night celebration for our first Hawes Side Annual Art Show.   This week long exhibition is going to be a regular feature in our diary each year and gives us the chance to exhibit a range of the super artwork that is created by the children in school each year.   We are delighted to be able to tie this year’s show in with our ‘International Week’ when we will have visitors from our partner schools in Kenya and Zambia joining us.  There are lots of event planned for the week which we will keep you informed about including a ‘Kidsmeet’ where the children share their learning with their peers from other schools.


Models and paintings for the Grundy Exhibition

Some of the great art work being created in school this term

The busy art academy in school

photo 4

Colourful paintings on display in the art academy

Alien Crash Landing

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Something very strange and mysterious happened over the weekend.   We all arrived in school on Monday morning to find an alien spaceship had crash landed in the infant hall.   Fortunately Mr Wylie was able to repair the roof and the doors into the quad but he left the crash site so we could try and work out just what had happened.   Yesterday children in Foundation Stage and Year 1 began to look into this most usual occurrence.   If you have any information that you think would help them, please leave us a comment as we try to unravel this great mystery.

The crash site in the infant hall

The crash site in the infant hall


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